Most agencies operate in a traditional paradigm that was founded by the giants of christmas past: Bernbachs, Burnetts and Ogilvys of the industry, which at that time made them innovators.

As the industry evolves and agencies are challenged with creating room for digital, it is upon us to innovate and change the way the agency model is set up for success.

Tearing down the department walls and fusing disciplines of each department allows for more of a “Team” environment vs. an individualistic “Me over here and you over there” environment, which does nothing but tear the agency apart and keep the executives of the agency asking how can we work and do better.

WHAT IF… The Creative department and the Digital department went out for drinks, got crazy, blacked out and gave birth to the Creative Technology department? Allowing assignments to be developed and executed by an art director, a copywriter and a UXer (user experience developer).

The Account department, Media department and Strategic Research department had a threesome and created the Strategic Alignment department? This will allow for full disclosure, team building and shared resources and the creative brief and creative execution destinations will work as one vs. multiple objectives.

Working to tear down silos is not meant to eliminate jobs, but to provide a way for the agency to communicate more efficiently and to uncover new revenue streams for the agency.

By: Marcus Moore / Creative Director