What The FLUX?

Putting EE in the rearview mirror so that I can live my best life. But I’m caught in the churn of chasing symptom relief, making both medical and lifestyle concessions. It’s so frustrating. Nothing ever lasts and it keeps getting worse.

Millions living with chronic unresolved GERD have a lot of questions. Why aren’t my OTC meds really helping? Why can’t my doctor do more? What more can help me actually get some sleep? How can I get some @#%?@! relief already?

Their frustration continues to build as they never get the answers they need. One thing they may not be asking—am I treating the right condition?

~25% of uncontrolled GERD sufferers could be living with erosive esophagitis right now and not know it. To help them get on the path to healing—plus, prime the market for the release of vonoprazan—we need to break through billions of dollars of OTC noise, activating them to talk to their HCP. And finally get answers to “what the flux” is really going on.